About AIONBank

Smart digital transformation solutions applying AI technology
for bank branch system

Digital transforming Traditional transaction branches to Smart Bank

AIONBank is a solution using Artificial Intelligence technology and modern equipment system, with outstanding security capabilities to convert the number of traditional bank branches into smart ones.

With AIONBank, banks can improve their competitiveness and operational efficiency with two outstanding capabilities:

Enhance customer experience

Enable customers to interact automatically, personalize the experience, shorten wait times and execute transactions quickly.

Improve trading performance

Tellers easily capture customer information, increase service efficiency, automate processes, and collect information and data effectively.

AIONBank model
In customer experience journey

At every touchpoint, smart technology helps customers get

experience quickly and conveniently, thereby increasing satisfaction and loyalty to the bank.

Smart technology application

AIONBank integrates smart technologies to anticipate the trend of digital transformation, giving the impression of a pioneering and classy bank.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence in data training brings high-accuracy facial recognition and data analysis solutions


Provide APIs to connect with software systems, making it easy for the bank to synchronize with the management system


99.5% accurate payment verification with the world's leading advanced anti-counterfeiting method


Proven security technology through solutions being deployed for Governments and Banks throughout Vietnam

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