Smart Branch digital transformation solutions,
create breakthrough customer experiences and improve operational efficiency

Smart Banking business models
Transaction Branch 4.0


24/7 Branch

Bank branches are fully automated, customers can use the service themselves without a teller


Smart Branch

Transforming a traditional Bank transaction office into a smart digital transaction office


Flagship Branch

Building a modern transaction office to play a pioneering role, affirming the brand's class


7 Digital transformation solutions for banks

Affirm brand position with Smart Branch system

AION Ticket - Smart numbering system


Quick identification

Accurately identify customers through the camera system integrated with AI, thereby identifying and classifying customers respectively as old customers, new customers or VIPs to personalize the experience.

Display personalization

Automatically display customer information and appropriate services based on transaction history, making it easy for customers to choose services, increasing the experience at the branch.

Simple and easy to use

Multi-touch screen, easy service selection with just one touch, quick integration of ticket printing with full customer information, reducing waiting time and increasing transaction efficiency

Various devices

Numbering system with separate devices, diverse designs such as automatic numbering machines, tablets for tellers, turn display screens.


Facial recognition system and
Customer data analysis

Allows customer identification right from the moment they step into the Bank,
helping to stream and capture customer needs and psychology to better serve

Customer identification

The system automatically matches the customer's face with the core banking system to identify the customer

Information to Teller

Notify each specific Teller: who is the customer, classifying ordinary customers, VIPs, businesses,... to proactively stream transactions

Automated transaction history query

Teller dashboard automatically displays customer account type, transaction history, and service and product recommendations based on facial data.

Client consultant

Through information from the dashboard, Teller advises and exchanges with customers while waiting, bringing interaction and satisfaction to customers.

Connect and Complete

After the exchange, Teller can create new leads on CRM or connect customers with tellers at the branch

AION Teller

Smart Counters

2 transaction display screens make it easy for customers and tellers to manipulate, check information, sign digitally,...

Face recognition, sampling and fingerprint verification, help identify and register customers quickly and accurately

Scan and identify identity card information, citizen identification, passport, documents, .... Thereby helping to reduce data entry and storage time.

Print ATM cards, Visa Debit to issue to customers right at the counter, reducing waiting time for card issuance

AION Display

Interactive media and smart advertising system

Synchronize display information at all branches, increase advertising and shipping efficiency, and reduce manual update labor costs.

Quality Assessment

Quality survey and Evaluation system

Measure and evaluate the transaction efficiency of each teller, assist in information collection, and survey customer opinions.

AION Company

Centralized Management System

All information and content will be summarized and reported in the form of charts in a Dashboard.
Therefore, management levels can understand the situation and activities of the entire branch system in real time, anywhere, anytime.


Statistics, measuring time and efficiency of each transaction


Managing the performance of tellers and activities, productivity of each branch, branch chain


Real-time measurement, statistics and reporting system exclusively for branch managers

Compare data

Statistics and compare activity metrics simply and quickly by day, month or year.

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